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Articles On Cultural Intelligence (CQ)!

One type of intelligence that is not as well known as  IQ or EQ is that of CQ or cultural intelligence.  A person's CQ applies to how well a person interacts with people of different cultures. A person with a high CQ is able to bring people of different cultures together and this is very beneficial in academics, business, and even in politics.
There are many benefits of increasing one's CQ and a person can develop their own CQ by traveling abroad and by having interactions with a very diverse group of people.
Students can increase their own CQ with the Semita Foundation.
You can read more about CQ from  such articles like the BBC, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Toast Masters International, Harvard, and more.
"Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a person's capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity."- Huffington Post
Here are some links to these articles!
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