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The Semita Foundation has many different programs in Asia, Europe, and the US.
The Semita Foundation started to help students learn more about themselves and the world.
We have many different programs to help students learn just that.
Please inquire if you would like more information.

Click the buttons below to learn more about the different programs!

Semita in Action
Students from China, Germany, and US
German group leaders
City tour
buddhist temple, China
Lantern making, China
Sleeping Buddha, China
Students making Global Issue Poster
Puppet show, China
Outskirts of China
Welcoming day in Germany
Trip to a musical in Germany
picture of 13 country delegations
City games
Cologne Cathedral, Germany
Building a bridge in Germany
City games
Tiger and Turtle, Germany
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."                                                                        -Marcel Proust
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